Hello Fellow Auburn Family & Fans, 

As you may have heard by now we have a new watch party location-Buffalo Wild Wings in Irving.   I would like to take this time to outline why and what events took place for this change to occur.  First, BWW's sought out & approached us with a proposal for the Irving location to be our new home watch party location. Being a BCS national champion does bring additional advantages, right! The following is a list of benefits we obtained by accepting their invitation.

1st)  More central & equidistant location in the DFW area.

2nd) Family friendly atmosphere with smoking & NON smoking areas to view the games. An added bonus of outdoor patio seating for viewing when this heat wave moves on!

3rd) Auburn is their HOME team, we will have TV’s , complete restaurant sound & seating priority among any other events that may take place during our scheduled game times.

4th) All BWW's staff employees will be wearing AU attire along with the restaurant will be decorated with AU banners, colors, etc. at their expense each week.

5th) A manager and two wait staff servers committed to our group for each game.

6th) A dedicated PA system and overhead sound to play fight sounds, highlight game playbacks before kick-off etc.. for our use every game.

7th) BWW's will provide us with a basket of their marketing promotional items + a $25.00 gift card for our game day raffles & giveaways.

Last and NOT the least...

8th) BWW's will give 10% of all food sales back to our club to use as we wish! This alone would be worth the change in itself! This will be good also for NON game times as well, just go in anytime to eat and say War Eagle and help your club!

You can see why we on the board was receptive to this move and even more excited for this upcoming season in our new watch party home. PLEASE help us make this transition a success by attending and getting the word out to others to help support our beloved Tigers and our new DFW home.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


Ron Battaglia '78


ps. Don't forget our BCS Re-Viewing Party on Saturday, August 27th at 1:00PM...

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Outstanding!  How great is that!  Thanks to our tremendous board for their efforts!  Just got Gene Chizik's new book, "ALL IN," this past weekend, but haven't had a chance to start reading it yet...War Eagle!  Let's do it again!


This is fantastic Ron! I had to miss all the viewing parties last year because it was too far of a drive for me to go to Wizards.  I am so glad BWW in Irving will be hosting this year!
Great to hear! We are hoping this central DFW location will help our attendance this season. Look forward to seeing you there! War Eagle!
Thanks for finding the new location, Ron!  I am happy that is has Non-smoking areas!  Great job & a big WAR EAGLE!!!!
Great, thanks. Yes, hoping having both smoking & non-smoking sections will please everyone and have more folks show up! Hope to see you on the 27th at BWW's. War Eagle! Ron Battaglia '78


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