Are there any Auburn fans out in the Southlake/ Grapevine/ Colleyville area that meet up to watch games. First football season living here, and Richardson is too far to go.

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I'm in Denton so if you hear anything, let me know!
I'm in Bedford (the Mid Cities). I don't know how long it takes to drive to Richardson because (1) I never checked and (2) it just really doesn't matter to me! There's more to this issue than distance, as the previous comments highlight. Frankly, I don't miss Pugsley's a bit even though it was closer than Wizards. The place on North MacArthur in Irving we went to after Pugsley's closed was the pits and it was clear we weren't welcome there. Both those were "closer" than Wizards but not nearly as convenient or hospitable. Jump on a freeway and you'll be at Spring Valley Road exit before you know it. If you haven't tried it at least once, give it a chance to work. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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