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How to Change the Order of Photos in a Slideshow:

The best way to change the order of photos in a slideshow is to put them in an album. As you create your album, you can put the photos in any order you would like. Once you create the album, you can use the “View Slideshow” link on the album detail page to see your slideshow.

You can use the “Get Embed Code” link below “View Slideshow,” or the “Share” link in the lower right-hand corner of the slideshow, to add it to other pages on the Club Network or to other sites.

To change the order of photos in your album once it’s been created, go to the album’s page and click the “Edit Album” link.


How to Create a Photo Album:

You can create a photo album that includes any of the photos on your account, even those you didn’t upload. To create an album, head to the Photos page and click the “All Albums” link at the top. Next, click the link to “Add an Album” in the upper right corner of the page.

On the album creation page, you can select whether you want to choose from just your photos or from everyone’s photos on the Network. You can also choose from only photos with a specific tag.

The photos you can add to your album will appear in the box on the left. Drag the photos you want to be in your album into position in the right pane. You can drag the photo that you’d like to appear as the album’s cover to the box under the “Your Album” heading or it will automatically be the first photo in the album. Also in that area you’ll see the fields to give your album a title and a description. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to make your album available to the rest of the network.


How to Create an Event:

To create an event, start by going to to the Events page and clicking the “Add” link.

Next, fill in information about your event. If you upload an image it should be roughly square in size so it doesn’t get distorted once the event is created. In the “Description” field, you can add text, hyperlinks, images and even files with the text editor.

By default, any event you add to the Auburn community will appear as organized by you and will link to your My Page. However, you can change the event organizer by modifying the “Organized By” field.

You can also specify the Privacy settings for your event. Anyone can RSVP to a public event, while only invited people can RSVP to private events.

Please note that no email notifications are sent out when someone RSVPs to your event.

Some information about private events will still be visible to all members of your network, including the title, start time, event type, and organizer. You can choose to disable RSVP altogether, which will prevent members or you from seeing what people have responded with, or hide the guest list to protect people’s privacy if needed.

Click “Add Event” and your event will be added to the Club Network!


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